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July 24, 2019

After Surgery

ConformerOnce it has been decided that your eye needs to be removed, an ophthalmologist will perform the surgery. After surgery, a conformer is usually placed in your socket by your surgeon. This is a clear piece of acrylic which helps to form the shape of your socket while it heals. Some conformers have small drainage holes in them and others don't. It is completely normal for your upper lid to droop down over the conformer. It does not have much volume and, therefore, does not support the level of your eyelid. Occasionally, the conformer may become dislodged. If this occurs, contact your ophthamologist or our office for assistance. The conformer will remain in your socket until your prosthesis is made. Approximately six to eight weeks later, your eye socket should be healed sufficiently for you to proceed with the fabrication of your artificial eye by your ocularist.